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Experience immersive peer-to-peer education and training programs to help you do more.

TERUMO LEARNING EDGE supports continuous advancement in the practice of interventional medicine. Expand your procedural know-how through hands-on instructional techniques, including simulated learning and personalized course curricula.
With our collaborative approach, led by experienced faculty, you can push your boundaries of learning.

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Transradial Access

Featured video

TRI Basics - Puncture (Arm Model)
  • Understand the main steps of radial puncture
  • Learn about single and double wall puncture techniques
  • Discover key tips for successful radial access

Special topic

New insight – DIStal vs. COnventional RADIAL - at EuroPCR 2022

Clinical trial: DISCO RADIAL was released at EuroPCR 2022. It’s multi-center RCT result with 1,300cases. You can download it here.

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Coronary Intervention

Featured video

Bifurcation Stenting Seminar Overview
  • Get a quick and comprehensive overview of Bifurcation Stenting Seminar package from start to finish
  • Understand the benefits of our collaborative training approach
  • Discover the advantages of simulated learning and how it can be applied to practice

Coronary Intervention > PTCA Guiding Catheter

Coronary Intervention > PTCA Guidewire

Coronary Intervention > PTCA Balloon

Coronary Intervention > Coronary Micro Catheter

Coronary Intervention > Aspiration catheter

Coronary Intervention > Expert session

Special topic

New insight – MASTER DAPT “Complex PCI sub analysis” – at EuroPCR 2022

Clinical trial: MASTER DAPT added new sub analysis about complex PCI. It was released at EuroPCR 2022. You can download it here.

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Visceral Intervention

Featured video

Introducing the R.A.V.I. concept
  • Know what is "R.A.V.I."
  • Understand the benefits of "R.A.V.I."
  • Know the voices from patients who were performed "R.A.V.I."

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