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Reliable BP-DES

BP-DES company with the most studies, longest history and one of the largest real world registry in the world1-4

Terumo is a pioneer of biodegradable polymer technology. Terumo launched world’s first BP-DES in 2008. Terumo has the longest history in manufacturing BP-DES. Ultimaster is the most studied BP-DES in the world with over 50,000 patients in this long history1-2. e-Ultimaster which is the key clinical program covering various patient characteristics is one of the largest BP-DES registry in the world. e-Ultimaster proved good performance of Ultimaster ³.

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Designed by TRI pioneer

Smooth deliverability

Ultimaster is designed by Terumo, TRI pioneer. Ultimaster’s delivery catheter is designed for TRI to facilitate procedure under unstable back-up condition. Advanced shaft technology, flexible stent design and innovative tip provide less stressful treatment for you and your patients even in challenging complex lesions.

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Bifurcation excellence

Designed to facilitate bifurcation

Ultimaster stent has a uniform open-cell platform. Ultimaster facilitates procedure in bifurcation lesions with it’s wider over-expansion capability, smooth side-branch access and reliable drug delivery.

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  • Hydrophilic guidewires

    70 % share

  • TRI pioneer

  • Biodegradable

    polymer DES pioneer

  • Revenue

    599.5 billion yen

    (for FYE Mar. 2019)

  • 100 years in 2021

    (Founded 1921)

  • From Japan

    Designed in Japan

    Manufactured in Japan

  • 160

    countries world wide

  • 24,000+

    Global Employees

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